Keto Vanilla Ice Cream

You will be blown away by how crazy-good this Keto Vanilla Ice Cream is. It is quite possibly the best vanilla ice cream I have ever tasted. Everyone - even those not following a sugar-free or low-carb diet - will love this deliciously creamy treat.


– 3 cups heavy cream – ¾ cup Allulose Sweetener – ⅛ teaspoon sea salt – ¼ cup MCT oil or melted coconut oil – 2 teaspoons vanilla extract – ⅛ teaspoon xanthan gum


Bring heavy cream, allulose, and sea salt to a simmer over medium-high heat. Cook, constantly whisking, until the sweetener is dissolved.


Remove from heat and stir in MCT oil, vanilla extract, and xanthan gum.


Chill completely in the refrigerator.


Process according to the ice cream makers manufacturers instructions.


It will initially be like soft-serve. If you prefer it firmer, place it in a freezer-safe dish and cover. 


Freeze for 2 hours.